heart of milk  

Gremolith Italia, leader in natural alternatives

semi-finished products
made of galalith

We do not produce Galalith, we MAKE it…

... today in Rudiano, as in Milan in 1923,
when the history of Galalith began.

Galalith is made with care and experience, with the strong passion that has always defined and supported us in this venture. To make Galalith we use Casein, the protein of milk, which gives it something special: strong and resistant but at the same time soft and velvety to the touch. A prestigious material, of yesteryear.

Alberto rivieri
Chief Operating Officer Gremolith Italia

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semi-finished products made of galalith

Gremolith Italia manufactures and sells semi-finished galalith blanks, sheets and rods all over the world. Galalith is available in a wide range of structures, colours, thicknesses and sizes in order to grant customized and high-quality finished articles.  

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Galalith represents the perfect alternative to materials proceeding from protected animals, such as horn, mother of pearl, ivory and tortoise, giving the possibility to obtain finished products being the perfect alternative of natural materials, but producing no impact on the environment and involving lower costs.


gremolith goes green

Respect for the environment and smart use of the natural available resources.

Galalith is a biodegradable material and our semi-finished products are in compliance with Reach regulation.

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